Subtle Beauty

July 10, 2008

There is an inner beauty that glows and radiates from Allah’s creation of nature. Look around you, it’s everywhere!


Seed of life

July 5, 2008

Every seed that is planted is a barakah to humanity.

Building bridges

June 28, 2008


Everyone comes across muddy rivers now and then…the challenge is to figure out what sort of a bridge to build over it…

Sun Street

June 16, 2008

Great sunny mornings make the world go round and round and gives life a warm toned meaning *sigh*

The door to better life

June 14, 2008

A door to a better life. Getting to the door is the hardest and grimiest part but once you get there it’s all bliss.

A Window of multiple opportunities

May 31, 2008

Window of opportunities










Take advantage of opportunities while the trail is still warm(ish)


May 15, 2008

Most Sunrises are Golden. Unfortunately a lot of people oversleep much too long and miss such golden opportunities…

Good morning

May 6, 2008

To my friends:

This (new blog of mine) is my third. Third time’s the charm right



Half a league

Half a league

Half a league


With a hey-nonny-nonny

And a hot cha-cha

P. G. Wodehouse Colney Hatch, 1954